on planes!

by Zachary Hall (2017)

WHY ZONE OUT when you can make a meaningful connection? Zach will show you how to build your own powerful network, based on the idea that helping others leads to greater success for all. By sharing fun stories — and many of his key contacts — Zach will show you how to:

  • Take conversations beyond superficial topics
  • Find the best people and avoid the jerks
  • Embrace your M.A.S.K. to take bold, life-changing actions
  • Use your connections to achieve your goals and amplify your dreams
  • Be more significant in other people’s lives through chance meetings with celebrities, business leaders, athletes, government officials, and others

Zachary Hall has created a network of people he can rely on for advice, support, inspiration, and even VIP access across the country. After reading Don’t Sleep on Planes, you’ll be filled with the desire to constantly connect, simply by engaging in everyday moments. Get ready for the ride of your life.

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